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A woman enjoying healthy food


naturally healthy cuisine served with a heart of welcome

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creating a peaceful space around coffee and cuisine to cultivate conversations that change the world

We value creating a relational environment for our guests

From our menu


House made soft pretzel

house made soft pretzel

greek omelette





Cafe Owners

Bryant and

Lynell Martin

Byran family

Bryant & Lynelle dreamed of opening a café for years before the opportunity to open Sowers came around. They love community and people, and it's easy to tell that when you meet them! Bryant has been voted most likely to give you a free cup of coffee 5 years running. They have a ton of passions and always keep themselves busy!

Café leaders 

Brian and

Geneva Horst

Brian family

Brian & Geneve are longtime friends of the owners. They enjoy the outdoors, especially gardening, and the opportunity to spend time with people they care about — and that includes everyone who walks through the door at Sowers! Brian has a great eye for detail and keeps everything running smoothly at the café




sowers harvest team

The Sowers team comes from a whole host of places and backgrounds, but they share a love for good coffee, good food, and good conversation. Stop by and get to know them!

Sowers Staff

Our Guiding Principles

Extra ordinary


Our team serves our guests as they would want to be served. Because each guest has immeasurable worth, we endeavor to relate to each person in a way that makes them feel valued and comfortable at our tables. As we accomplish this, Sowers becomes a
welcoming, peaceful space for dining, working, reading, and conversing. Our hope is that our guests will leave with a smile on their face and a heart that is warmed.



Each team member strives for synergy, in their day to day work. Expecting to sacrifice, show humility and work with courage. Our diverse team is made up of ordinary people that work diligently to create an extraordinary experience for each other and for the guests we serve. Each team member aspires to be leaders by considering the other team members as more significant than themselves. Practical areas that we focus on together are considerate
communication, sacrificial service, and inspiring initiation in tangible ways that develop servant leadership.

Local and ethically sourced food


Our goal is to procure coffee and cuisine that is healthy for the body, mind, and spirit. As much as we can, we seek out local products and healthy ingredients so that we can do our part to have a positive impact on the grower, the consumer, and our environment. Because of this focus, our guests experience a fresh quality in our coffee and cuisine.​

As much as we can, we seek out local products and healthy ingredients so that we can do our part to have a positive impact on local growers and their families, our guests, and our environment. Because of this, our guests experience an often unmatched quality in our coffee and cuisine, and a peace-of-mind dining experience.

Proffessonal chef cooking food with experience

There is more to Business than just profits!

We have learned that it is our people that create our environment so we carefully hire workers who are in alignment with our guiding principles. We put a lot of effort into sourcing our ingredients locally to bring you the fresh, natural cuisine you love

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