Cultural Nights

A celebration of culture and community

Gather with us from Sowers, along with many others, to learn about world cultures, build community, and drink coffee & tea together. Once a month during the semester, we host an international friend and give them a chance to tell us about their country and culture. It's always an interactive time! Come, and bring your friends!

Next scheduled: Currently nothing scheduled. We look forward to restarting Cultural Nights in the fall semester. See you then!

Contact us if you'd like to share about your country!

Bonus Sowers Night!
Tuesday, April 26th @ 7:00pm

A Global Look at Genocides and Genocide Ideologies

An evening discussion around the horrors of Genocides in our world today.

Whether past or present, genocides have had a devastating effects directly and indirectly on millions of people. Genocides makes news headlines briefly and then largely disappear into the annals of time. However, the aftermath of these atrocities are not forgotten by the people, their children, and grandchildren. How can people band together to bring reconciliation and peace in a hurting world? Join us in creating an awareness of genocides around the globe.

Conversation leaders:

Hassan Hussein Karemera, graduate assistant at Penn State
Shawn Miller, grad student in Nursing at Penn State

Happy Valley Christian Community

HVCC connects people from every corner of the world!

Happy Valley Christian Community is a campus organization affiliated with Followers of Jesus church. Sowers partners with HVCC for Cultural Nights and recommends getting to know this organization!

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