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Better Conversations Workshop

Better conversations Workshop

Learn the art of forming better conversations with others

We are planning towards having another workshop in October of the Fall 2024 semester. Check back closer for more details!

Cost: FREE
Location: Sowers Harvest Café 

At our Conversation Workshops, author and Penn State Professor Heather Holleman, along with her husband Ashley, will teach you the key  conversational mindsets and skills based on the latest social science research.

Each evening will consist of a 20 minute teaching as well as time in small groups to practice.

  • Increase positive mood and mental health

  • Decrease stress

  • Form better friendships and relationships

  • Develop professionally

Enjoy free coffee and snacks, take home a FREE book, leave more confident in connecting deeply with others and walk away really looking forward to your next meaningful conversation in the days ahead

Let us know you are coming or if you have any questions!

"Warm, intimate relationships are the most important prologue to a good life." 

Dr. George Vaillant

About Heather and Ashley

Ashely is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and earned his master's in chemistry from the University of Michigan. Heather is a graduate of the University of Virginia and earned her PhD in English from the University of Michigan.

Heather and Ashely served in full time ministry with Cru for 20 years, with Ashley serving as the national director of graduate student ministry for 7 years. Ashley now serves with Global Service Associates and works with churches and ministries to help them grow their desire and ability to serve others and help them experience the presence of God in their lives.

Heather is an associate teaching professor at Penn State and has won numerous teaching awards in the last 20 years. Her students call her a "walking exclamation point." She designs the advanced writing curriculum for the Schreyer Honor College of Penn State and loves to help faculty improve their teaching. Heather has written eight books. 

Together, Heather and Ashley have two wonderful adult daughters. As a couple, they love investing in rich and warm friendships with those God has place in their natural pathways.


Learn More about Heather Here. 

Heather Holleman, author of the six conversations and Her husband Ashley Holleman
The six conversations book cover

From Recent Evenings

Better conversations workshop
Better conversation workshop at sowers harvest cafe
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